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Ride with peace of mind
Keep yourself safe for $0.3/day  

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An extra set of eyes that actively keeps you safe

Roadio 360° camera records in all directions and alerts you of approaching dangers.

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See and be seen

With front and back A.I. cameras and a powerful built-in tailight you’ll be ready for anything.  

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360° Video Capture

Front & back fisheye lenses record in all directions without any blind spots.

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A.I. that keeps you safe

The Roadio app uses Tesla-style computer vision to scan for hazards and alert you in real-time. 

" A very useful tool especially in cities "

“I’m a lot more comfortable riding now”

Maria S.

Beta Tester, San Francisco

Built by a team from

How It Works

How it works

Get real-time alerts of approaching vehicles

You’ll receive visual + audio alerts through your phone of cars headed your way seconds before you notice them.
That way you can react faster and prevent accidents.

Automatically save clips of near-miss incidents

The Roadio app automatically identifies cars blocking bike lanes or near-miss incidents along your ride and saves a video clip for later use.  

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Review each incident that happened along your ride

Look back at each near-miss incident along your route and decide which clips to save for later use.

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Setup is easy

1. Mount the A.I. Cameras to your ebike + connect power

2. Download the App

3. Ride!

Ride without worry

Roadio Camera          

Roadio App          


360° 4K Recording

Active collision avoidance alerts

Powered from e-bike

Digital rear view mirror

Charges your smartphone

Easy video editing through Roadio App

IP67 waterproof

One-tap incident summaries for social or sharing with city officials

How do I get access? 

Roadio memberships will be available in 2023.

We are currently running an invite-only beta program in San Francisco. Contact us to join.

Peace of mind in a simple membership

Threats never get tired and neither do we.

We work to keep you and your loved ones safe. 

Free camera upgrades & replacements

We'll replace your camera if it gets damaged or stolen. No questions asked


You'll automatically get access to our latest alerts and other app features as we push updates.

Unlimited cloud backup of
incident clips

Your incident footage will automatically be backed up in our cloud for 24 months without any additional charge.  

Meet the team.

We're a community of cyclists on a mission to make micromobility safer and get more people riding on two-wheels.


Exchange up to two cameras per year. Shipping and fees apply


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