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ADAS without the cost

Roadio utilizes highly-efficient A.I. to bring proven techniques from the auto industry to the two-wheeler market at revolutionary lower prices.

World-class safety
on your two-wheeler

Roadio’s powerful real-time A.I. eliminates blind spots and gives early warning of potential collisions, saving precious seconds of reaction time.

Powerful A.I. that constantly improves

Roadio’s A.I. learns from your experiences and those of other Roadio Pro members, constantly getting better over time.

Built by a team from

For the Roads Ahead

AI-powered safety systems for bikes, mopeds, and motorcycles. 

We won’t rest until two-wheelers are safer than cars.

When it comes to safety, modern cars have a huge advantage over their smaller counterparts because they have access to advanced safety features. It’s time for small vehicles to arm themselves with even smarter and safer tech so they can compete on today’s chaotic streets.
That’s where we come in.

Roadio utilizes two ultra-high resolution cameras onboard A.I. to provide 360 degree visibility and detect potential collisions at up to 125 meters of range

Learn more about Roadio’s smart alert features

360° Vision

Dual 210° fisheye cameras overlap to give full 360° vision around the vehicle with no blindspots

360° Rear Overtake Alert

Roadio’s A.I. scans the road behind you and alerts when a vehicle is rapidly approaching from behind.

Side Hook Alert

Roadio’s A.I. tracks the vehicles which are most likely to cut you off from the side and alerts when one of them starts to make a lane change.

Forward Alerts

Distance Keeping Alert
Roadio’s A.I. actively monitors the car in front of the rider and gives a soft alert when the rider should give more margin to increase safety.

Forward Collision Alert
Roadio’s A.I. gives a strong alert when a forward collision is imminent without rider intervention within the next 4-6 seconds.


Powerful A.I.

Roadio’s custom-developed neural net processes 240 million pixels a second,
reconstructing the vehicle’s 3D environment at greater levels of reliability
than those ever achieved before.

BKG - StreetImageMotionBlur.png

Super Senses

Roadio sensors pair seamlessly with your smartphone and the Roadio Safety app to give you a real-time view of your blind spots and advanced warning of oncoming threats.

Group 91.1x.png

Want more data from your ride?

Rider Portal (COMING SOON!)

Roadio Rider Profile allows you to seamlessly back up your incident footage and ride telemetry data to the Roadio cloud so they have a history of what happened.



Relax and Ride

Roadio’s safety platform is engineered with several key elements
that allow us to provide world-class ADAS at unprecedented low prices.

Roadio App

Roadio utilizes the rider’s smartphone to provide a rich UI, powerful AI acceleration, and cloud connectivity* without the need for expensive extra components on the vehicle.

Rich 360° Sensing

Roadio’s proprietary A.I. techniques are able to provide a rich 3D reconstruction of the environment in 360° from only two wide-angle camera views.

Roadio Membership

Required to get world-class A.I. that learns and constantly improves over time.


Revolutionary A.I. in a tiny package

1. Front Camera

2. Rear Camera

3. Video Processor

4. Smartphone Charge+Sync Cable

5. RoadioSafety App + Roadio Pro Membership

6. Two Camera Extension Cables

7. Power Converter

How it works

Get riding with Roadio in 3 simple steps:

Relax and Ride!

Getting started with Roadio is just that easy!

Install the Roadio Safety System

Roadio’s hardware is integration-ready and takes less than 10 minutes to install.

Activate your membership

Scan QR code that is included with your device to activate your RoadioPro membership.

city street - top down stock photo dark.jpg

Activate your Roadio Pro membership today

By signing up for Roadio Pro, you get access to a constantly improving set of A.I. safety features, cloud backup of incident data, and peace of mind while you ride.

360° video recording

5.8k video recorded in full 360° and saved to the camera’s SD card.

Live rearview

A live feed of the camera view displayed on your smartphone. Increases your visibility while riding and helps eliminate blindspots

Advanced collision warnings

Roadio’s A.I. detects oncoming threats and gives you an audio and visual alert up to 4-6 seconds in advance.

Constantly updated A.I. models

Roadio’s A.I. is constantly being trained on new data and new scenarios to expand its capabilities. As a Roadio member, you will always have access to the latest updates.

Cloud access

As you ride, whenever Roadio’s A.I. highlights a potentially dangerous scenario, it will automatically upload a record of it to the Roadio cloud so that you can easily find and review it later, from any device.

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