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  • What is Roadio?
    Roadio is a company passionate about solving safety challenges for bikes with proven technology. Our camera-based sensing system gives bikers and ebikers more awareness of hazards around you so you can be safer and more at-peace while you ride. It also records in 360 so you always have a record of what happened on the road, whether that is evidence for insurance, reporting lacking infrastructure, or joyous moments while biking - we know there are lots of those, too!
  • When will it alert me?
    Roadio alerts you about vehicles approaching from behind, either side, or in front of you - a full 360 degree view.
  • How much does a Roadio membership cost?
    The early-bird price for a membership will be $10/month when Roadio is available in 2023.
  • When should I expect to receive my Roadio system?
    The first Roadio systems are shipping February 2023.
  • How do I install the system?
    Once you receive the Roadio kit, download the app to your phone, and you will be guided through a quick 30 minute setup. Everything you need is included in the kit.
  • How do referrals work?
    You refer your friend, partner, coworker, cousin’s-friend’s-sister’s-soccer coach, anyone you want! Just enter their email address and your email address at the bottom of the home page. When they put their deposit down, you get bumped to the front of the waitlist!
  • I’m an experienced rider, and I’ve been bike commuting for a long time. Is Roadio for me?
    Absolutely. The Roadio team members have collectively biked thousands of miles in cities, and we are excited to use Roadio daily ourselves! We’ve found that experienced test riders love Roadio because it alerts you of vehicles you may have missed, it gives you more time to respond, and it gives you peace of mind while keeping you alert to hazards around you.
  • I’m just getting started with ebiking, is Roadio for me?
    Yes! Our users who are just getting started with ebiking have found Roadio alerts very useful. Roadio warns you about vehicles you may have missed, it gives you more time to respond, and it gives you peace of mind while keeping you alert to hazards around you. Regardless if this is day one or day 1,000 - we've found that test riders appreciate the extra awareness and peace of mind Roadio provides.
  • What does Roadio use my phone for?
    Roadio plugs into any phone, and uses the phone to display clear visual and auditory alerts.
  • Will Roadio drain my ebike battery? How about my phone battery?
    Nope! We've done extensive electrical testing, and found that Roadio uses less energy than a bike light. It's such low energy that you won't notice any effect on your ebike battery life. As a bonus, Roadio also charges your phone while you ride.
  • Is Roadio waterproof?
    Yes! We have designed the Roadio system to be able to handle rain, puddles, and washing your bike. We don’t recommend submerging your bike in the pool or the ocean - but why would you do that anyways?
  • Will it work with my ebike?
    Yes! The Roadio system goes on every type of ebike.
  • Will it work at night?
    Yes, our system identifies and alerts you about hazards even at night.
  • Does Roadio work on manual bikes too?
    Currently Roadio only works on electric bikes.
  • What if I can’t hear my phone’s speaker?
    Roadio has a built-in loud speaker to ensure you can hear audio alerts.
  • I ride with headphones. Will I still be able to hear the alerts?
    Yes! Roadio is connected to your phone, so you can choose to receive alerts through your headphones.
  • Does Roadio record footage if I get into a crash?
    Yes, in a crash incident Roadio will automatically detect and save the footage to your smartphone.
  • Can I record footage even if I don’t get in a crash?
    Yes, our cameras are constantly recording in all directions (front, back, and both sides). Using the app, you can save video footage on your phone for reporting purposes, sharing on social media, or for whatever else you can dream up!
  • How does Roadio feel about protected bike lanes and slow streets?
    We love them! In fact, the Roadio cameras are designed to facilitate building better bike infrastructure! How? You can use the dashcam footage to report unsafe vehicles, lacking infrastructure, or any other situations you face while riding.

Further questions? Feel free to email us!

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