Your extra set of eyes on the road

A collision avoidance system for bikes + ebikes
So you can stay safe while you ride

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Streetlogic 360 Bike Camera System

Ride with peace of mind.

  • Two cameras record front & rear video evidence and save clips to your phone.

  • AI-powered audio alerts give you a heads-up when vehicles are headed your way.

  • Smart taillight increases your visibility.

  • Streetlogic app allows you to report hazards or post videos with one click.

  • Streetlogic cameras mount on any bike or ebike.



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" A very useful tool especially in cities "

“I’m a lot more comfortable riding now”

Maria S.

Beta Tester, San Francisco

Built by a team from

How Streetlogic Works

Front and rear cameras mount on your bike or ebike. For ebikes, we tap into your main battery. For normal bikes, we offer a battery accessory.


Capture 360 video evidence.

Streetlogic is a bike dashcam recording everything in front, behind, and around you.

If there's a certain segment you want to save, click one button and the clipped video is saved to your phone.

Want to save the last few minutes of footage? One click and it's in your camera roll. It's also loop recording - in case of an accident or near miss, you’ll have evidence of what really happened. (5).gif

Get real-time vehicle alerts.

The AI-powered cameras analyze your surroundings Tesla-style, in real-time.

You'll receive visual + audio alerts through your phone of cars headed your way seconds before you notice them.

That way you can react faster and prevent accidents. (6).gif

Be more visible to vehicles behind you.

The rear camera has a built-in taillight that makes you more visible to cars behind you. Ride more confidently in the dark areas.

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Report cars blocking bike-lanes.

The Streetlogic app automatically flags cars blocking bike-lanes & or incidents on the road. With 1 click, you can choose to share your videos with city officials to show where protected bike lanes are needed in your city.

What early Streetlogic customers say

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Streetlogic's development timeline.

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Meet the team.


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